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Canadian Friends of Hong Kong (CFHK)

Canadian Friends of Hong Kong is a non-partisan, member-funded network formed by Canadians who are HongKongers, ex-HongKongers and friends of HongKongers. Our purpose is to provide a platform conducive to intelligent and informed discussion of important issues concerning both Canada and Hong Kong. Having resided in both places, we believe we have some unique perspectives to share regarding issues concerning dinner table conversations and government policy discussions. We hope that through thoughtful and respectful exchanges, all of us can gain better insights into the many common challenges that both places are facing and to explore some possible solutions. In March 2019, the Vancouver Friends of Hong Kong changed its name to Canadian Friends of Hong Kong to reflect the reach of its network across Canada.


Principles We Stand On

Canada’s democratic institution is built on our belief in a fair and just society that is anchored on democracy, human rights, civil liberties and the rule of law. They are the fundamental and shared values of Canadians, regardless of heritage or cultural backgrounds. 

Multiculturalism is about creating an environment that would empower all citizens, regardless of their ethnicity, to bring in their cultural heritage to strengthen our democratic institutions and to safeguard our shared Canadian values. 

Diversity is inherent to multiculturalism. Immigrants bring to Canada different cultural perspectives and life experience, providing rich resources for creative problem solving and the envisioning of a collective future as a nation. But there are also lots of room for misunderstanding and value clashes. 

The PRC has manipulated our diversity and exploit our multiculturalism to advance its own agenda and to undermine our democracy. To reap the full benefits of our diversity and to counter the PRC interference in Canada, we need to articulate and reaffirm those core Canadian values to everyone who has chosen Canada home and settled here.

In this Federal election, let’s take action to ensure that our future Members of Parliament would truly stand on guard for Canada, upholding our shared values but not kowtowing to a foreign dictatorship.​

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